Kingsburg Media Foundation

The Kingsburg Media Foundation was officially founded and chartered in 2012, but the genesis of the group dates back many years.  Originally, the sole purpose of the members was to provide location sound reinforcement for and recording of the Kingsburg City Band for radio playback of their summer band-concert series.  Although this continues to be the main focus of the organization, it has evolved and developed into a full-service media group providing live sound, audio and video recording, Web streaming, and photography of various local events; most notably, the on-going Kingsburg Summer Band Concerts Under the Stars series.


The Kingsburg Media Foundation has as its purpose the use of various media to promote, preserve, and enhance the history, the quality of life, and the future potential of Kingsburg, its citizens, and its organizations.  As a non-profit group, it is dedicated to aiding other non-profit groups and individuals access and use media to their advantage.  Using state-of-the-art techniques and technologies to augment the mission of these organizations and to aid these groups in applying these skills is the primary reason for the establishment of the Kingsburg Media Foundation (KMF or KBMF).

Goals and Objectives

  • To identify media needs and potentials in the community of Kingsburg;
  • To apply skills, experience, and expertise of KMF members to the various media needs;
  • To secure equipment that will complement the mission of KMF;
  • To serve as a partner to organizations sharing like-minded goals and objectives;
  • To provide an organizational structure that will ensure its sustainability for the foreseeable future; and
  • To maintain a funding base that will not only support KMF, but will also allow the financial support of other non-profit community groups. 

Live Video Stream

Below you will find our current live streaming event. (For best results use Chrome, IE, or Firefox browsers) If there is no current event you will see our Sky Cam that is mounted on top of our communications tower in Kingsburg.  If the stream stops at anytime, please refesh your browser (you may have to wait a few seconds.)

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